Sharkoon Billentyűzet Mechanikus – SKILLER SGK30 Red (Red Switch , RGB LED, USB, full anti-ghost, fekete, angol)

Sharkoon Billentyűzet Mechanikus – SKILLER SGK30 Red (Red Switch , RGB LED, USB, full anti-ghost, fekete, angol)


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The SKILLER SGK30 is a mechanical keyboard that not only impresses with its high-quality manufacture, but also with numerous other features that make the heart of every gamer and PC enthusiast beat faster. The keyboard presents itself in simple black, but the integrated RGB illumination provides spectacular effects, which can also be adjusted to personal taste thanks to a variety of setting options. Thanks to a maximum polling rate of 1000 Hz, the SKILLER SGK30 is suitable for gamers who value highly responsive input devices and is also a stylish alternative for fast typists in everyday office work.

Full Control in Any Situation. The SKILLER SGK30 has an n-key rollover function so that complex key commands can be recognized quickly and reliably, thus enabling full control even when the situation gets hectic. The built-in keys with anti-ghosting function also provide a command input which is quick and precise for brisk gaming and a speedy typing flow.

Even More Possibilities. Thanks to the gaming software for the SKILLER SGK30, up to 20 game profiles can be saved. These can be accessed for the customized settings, at any time, with just a few clicks. The software’s intuitive macro function also makes it easier to save and adjust personally created input commands. Preset function keys also allow convenient access to various multimedia functions at the touch of a button.

Adjustable RGB Illumination. The integrated RGB illumination of the SKILLER SGK30 provides colorful effects and spectacular lighting of the keys. Also at the touch of a button, over 15 preset light effects literally let the keyboard be seen in a new light, giving boredom no chance at all. However, if you get tired of the play of colors which is offered, you can also set and save your own lighting profiles as desired and give the keyboard a completely personal touch.

Made for Durability. So that the SKILLER SGK30 is ready for numerous future gaming sessions, attention has been paid to a high-quality manufacture. Thanks to the durable mechanical switches and the textile braided cable, the keyboard is well equipped for a long life of service. At 50 million keystrokes, these have an above-average endurance. The gold-plated USB plug provides a trouble-free and better transfer rate compared to conventional connections.

Timeless and Compact. With a length of 430 mm and a width of 144 mm, the SKILLER SGK30 is compact and space-saving. With a height of only 35 mm, it is pleasantly low, and the minimalist, timeless design of the keyboard dispenses with unnecessary distractions, focusing instead on ease of use.

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